Supportive Community

Members of the Misgav Lakashish Supportive Community benefit from a rich basket of services. Together, they create a safe environment that enables the elderly to live at home with confidence and independence. Membership includes:

The supportive community enables its members to function with confidence and contributes to an improvement in the quality of life. Members of the supportive community benefit from a rich basket of services.

An Emergency Call Button:

Members have a wall-mounted and a mobile button that is worn as a bracelet. It is connected to a 24-hour call center and offers an immediate voice- response that calls out to the member by name.

The call center operator will respond as needed. If a doctor is needed, he or she will be sent right away. Emergency services such as an ambulance, fire truck or police will be contacted immediately. Once the emergency services have been alerted, the member’s familial relatives will be notified as well.

In addition, the emergency button serves as a tool to relieve loneliness or other concerns such as worry, fear or anxiety. Regardless of the situation, a friendly voice will respond immediately.

Ambulance service

The ambulance service is only covered by Israeli medical insurance if the patient is admitted to the

hospital. If the member is taken to the emergency room and released from there, they receive an expensive bill. Oftentimes elderly people hesitate to call an ambulance when they need one, because they cannot afford the fee. The Supportive Community benefit package includes ambulance service for a nominal fee.

Doctor’s home visit

The Supportive Community has a doctor on call 24 hours a day, that will visit the member in his or her home. The doctor will provide primary care and, if necessary, seek further treatment or hospitalization.

Minor repairs and maintenance

The Supportive Community Handyman offers light repairs that are difficult or dangerous for the elderly to attempt alone. Examples include the changing of lightbulbs, repairs to the Israeli window blinds (“trisim”), repairing broken shelves and such.

Social Gatherings

Members gather together for celebrations, outings, lectures/ Torah classes and workshops.


Misgav Lakashish volunteers assist the elderly in many ways. Volunteers will accompany a senior to a medical appointment, pick up prescriptions and small items for them and help alleviate loneliness through regular visits.

The Misgav Lakashish Information center offersprofessional counseling and guidance with regards to rights and interests.