Holocaust survivors

The Misgav Lakashish Holocaust Survivors Department is dedicated to helpsurvivors maintain their dignity andquality of life, including support services in all matters related to their rights as Holocaust survivors. Programs and services are all free of charge and include:

Men's Club:

The men meet weekly and enjoy sharing meals and each other’s company. The program schedule is varied according to the interests of members. Lectures, workshops and classes capture their interests indoors and the group shares trips to different destinations across.

Women's Club:

Members gather weekly to enjoy shared meals and activities. The programs range from physical exercises to intellectual discussions and course on relevant topics such as those related to health promotion. The members look forward to their occasional group trips to destinations across Israel. An accessible minibus provides participants with transportation to and from their homes.

Plans for Home Policemen:

The community of Holocaust survivors is fascinated by a very large house; Every month, survivors who become homeless are allowed to leave the house. Misgav is

constantly developing special programs for Holocaust survivors who are confined to the home. Survivors are entitled to the hour of a professional and volunteer hour. Among the programs you can find: computer studies, reflexology and massages, accessible club, professional documentation, conversation and entertainment, art, music therapy, library to the house, help with shopping and errands etc.

Light Renovations and Home Repairs:

Many Holocaust Survivors are needy and live on their own. Misgav Lakashish helps those in need to maintain a safe living environment with adaptive devices and repairs to make bathing more accessible and safer, installing safer window frames and handles, replacing high-risk electrical systems with a safe and modern system, sealing roofs and cracks, plumbing and replacing sewage and water lines.

The Center for Rights and Benefits:

Misgav LaKashishprovides survivors with access to Dr. Ruth Flosshauer, a professional consultant that is well versed in matters of rights and benefits. Mr. Michael Urich, provides translation services in various languages and helps the survivors with every stage of application, until the benefit is secured.Hundreds of thousands of shekels have been transferred directly to Misgav Lakashish survivors.